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Frequently asked questions

I n general

What is XVoice?

An online recording studio born in the late 90s, a world pioneer

Do you use synthesizers or vocal samplers?

No. All of our voiceovers are real and in the flesh

What is the difference between a voiceover and a dubbing?

Dubbing includes synchronization (eg lip / lip synch), voiceover does not include any synchronization. Unless expressly requested, all our quotes are to be considered solely and exclusively for voiceover services.

Choice of items

Is it possible to choose the voice for your project?

Of course, by visiting the "listen and choose the Voice" page in the main menu of the site

I am an agency, can I submit the items to my client without them being traceable to Xvoice?

Of course! the "download / download" button will appear on the right of each item by passing the mouse over it, the demos are anonymous and have no reference to our site.  

Voices and demos

Are the speakers native speakers?

All of our voices are strictly 100% native speakers

Do you have foreign language speakers?

Yes! In addition to the classic European foreign languages (English, French, German, Spanish ...) we also have other less common languages in the catalog (Russian, Arabic, Canadian, Portuguese, Chinese ...)

Are there other voices and languages available in addition to those on the site?

Yes. The items on the site are those available immediately starting with processing within 12/24/48/72 hours at the latest. In case you need other languages please contact our customer service.

Texts and translations

Do you provide translation services?

No. Foreign language translations must be provided by the client.

Is it possible to assist and / or direct the speaker?

It is possible to add links, demos, director's notes and further information directly in the link  "Step2 start voiceovers" present in the estimate. It is not possible to attend and direct the speaker live.

Is it possible to receive an audio preview of the text to be spoken?

Yes, it is possible after paying for texts over 3,000 characters, furthermore all long audio projects necessarily require a preview to be submitted to the customer before proceeding with the entire recording.


Estimates and costs

How do you know the costs?

By telephone through the toll-free number 800 258 666, by mobile phone 3394875910 and whatsapp we provide general information, the most precise way to get an exact quote is through the online form.

What does the cost of voice-overs depend on?

From the length of the text and the chosen language, we are the only ones to release voiceovers with unlimited free rights also for broadcast and commercial use.

Is there a difference in cost between the various languages?

The rate is common for all Italian items unlike foreign ones for which a small difference of 10-15% is expected  

How long does it take to receive the quote?

We respond to requests for quotations on average within thirty minutes.

Voice-over start

How do I start voiceovers?

In each quote there is a direct link to start any production quickly and easily and without any registration and / or opening an account

What does it take to start a voiceover?

Obviously the text to be spoken accompanied by direction indications and payment must have been made

Where can I find the quote / production number?

It is the number present in the subject of the quote email, for example: "XVOICE Quote n.88"

Audio delivery and format

What are the delivery times?

They can vary depending on the option chosen and definitely depend on the length of the text

What is the difference between standard delivery and delivery within 24 hours?

Delivery within 24 working hours provides for a small supplement and is available only for texts in Italian within 1,500 characters, it also provides for the sole indication of the type M or F as it uses the first available shift item

How is the voice-over delivered?

Via e-mail via direct link from which you can download

Is it possible to choose the audio format?

Yes, you can choose between mp3, wav and aif. By default, unless explicitly requested, an mp3 or wav file will be sent.

Is it possible to have individual files cut within a voice-over?

Yes, the service is free for all voiceovers up to 1,500 characters including spaces. For texts over 1500 characters it is possible to request this service with a small contribution for editing.  


Rights of use

Are there any restrictions on the diffusion of the audio?

No limitations, Xvoice is the only voice-over service that does not place any limitations on the use of audio.

Is a user license issued for voiceovers?

All voiceovers made by Xvoice enjoy the Creative Commons license for unlimited use, even for broadcast and commercial use.

Administration and payments

Is it possible to receive the invoice, even the electronic one?

Yes. We issue a regular electronic invoice in the manner and within the time limits established by law

Is the payment in advance?

Yes, in order to start production, an advance payment must be made.

What forms of payment are available?

We accept payments by bank transfer, paypal, stripe, postepay, credit card and crypto currencies, for payments by paypal and credit card there is a small surcharge of 5% due to commissions.

Are credit card transactions on Xvoice safe?

All online credit card transactions are guaranteed by Paypal, of which Xvoice is a verified user ("verified by paypal").



Until what time is it possible to contact assistance?

Every day we are regularly operational until midnight

Is Xvoice operational on Saturdays and Sundays?

Yes, fully operational 7/7 days 365/365 days both with the recording room and with the assistance.

Problem solving

The engraving does not satisfy me, is it possible to repeat it?

Yes, for small voiceovers within 1,500 / 3,000 characters max we are available to make a further take, for larger files, to guarantee the customer and the voice, a demo / preview will be provided to be approved to be sure of the style. and reading rhythm: once the demo has been approved, the entire recording will be made

In the event that there are errors in reading and / or pronunciation by the speaker?

No problem, Xvoice will make another registration at no extra cost.

In the event that the voiceover had already been delivered and there were errors and / or text changes by the customer?

It will not be absolutely necessary to pay the service again but there is a small supplement that will be evaluated case by case according to the changes requested


How are texts, telephone numbers and email addresses treated?

No transfer of sensitive and non-sensitive data. No databases of any kind.

Text, telephone number, email and any other data provided to us will be cyclically eliminated totally and definitively in accordance with the law


Is it possible, for example, to synchronize audio to video?

No, voice-over, unlike dubbing, does not require any audio / video synchronization (eg synch lips).

How can I get a quote for a dubbing?

Unless expressly requested, all estimates refer exclusively to the voiceover service. In the event that any synchronization is required, it will be necessary to do so in order to obtain an ad hoc quote.

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